Advice for Photobuyers


Advice for Photo-Buyers

The key to successful PHOTOBID transactions is communication. Be a good communicator and you will get results. Please negotiate with photographers  very clearly about your expectations before you start. There is an old saying, if you aim for nothing, you will hit the target every time!

Once signed up, we encourage you to sign up for ZOOM and set up meetings face-to-face.

Here are some specifics that you might like to use to make things clear: You may also consider making a mood-board to develop your ideas. Sample below from Milanote, but there are other tools available online.  Pinterest can be a useful tool as well.

Example of Moodboard

Emotion: What feeling do you want conveyed. Give a description of the emotion you want to convey in the images. Here, the  F-stoppers blog comprehensively explains the importance of emotion in photography, complete with video.

Location. Give the exact location required of a shoot, G.P.S  marked if possible. Use Google Maps, here’s a video.

Angles. Exact angles that you want. Here’s a good article on essential angles in photography.

Foreground and background. Here’s an article about how foreground, middle ground and background intersect. And here’s a video my Snapchick.

Colours. What colours do you need? See here for a great article on colour in photography.

Subjects. What exact subjects do you need in the images and where in the images do you need them?

Props and preparation. How people need to look, be dressed, wear makeup etc? Do you need to ship clothing to the photographer? There are many articles out there. Here’s just one.

Time of day. The time of day will the shoot need to take place? Morning? Evening? Midday? Nighttime? Or is there some other nuance you require?

Things NOT to do. Be clear about what you DON’t want from the photos. Photographers by nature are creative, and unless you are clear, you may end up with a huge number of variations.

Depth of field (DOF). How much background blur do you want? Or do you want the image 100% sharp throughout?DOF is explained here, but again many articles are available.

Final Megapixels and resolution to be delivered. Here’s a good guide.

Expected gear to be used including cameras and lenses, lights. Here is a list of some of the things your photographer might own. But we should write a whole website about all the gear that could be used.

What lighting do you need? From what angle, and what kind of light, soft, hard etc. This is a complex area and needs to be discussed with your photographer. For this reason any link here would cheapen the complexity of this art.

The more detail you can give your photographer the better. The clearer you are,  the better the job will be. Here is a good article about how to communicate with photographers. Since most of your comms will be in writing, we’ve also linked just one of many online articles about writing here. 

There is an old adage “Mismatched expectations are the mother of all conflict!” We encourage you to make expectations very clear from the beginning.

Sometimes we create our own heartbreak through expectations