Advice for Photographers


Advice for Photographers

The old saying “You are only as good as your last job” is so true.

PHOTOBID  revolutionary, the world comes to you…. but also, there is no hiding! After you have worked, your clients will review your work. Other potential clients will choose to use you in the future based on the review of your previous jobs. It is in your best interest to produce your very best work for them. Beyond this, it is also essential that you communicate well. Many of the buyers who use PHOTOBID will not be aware of all the detail that you require to do a very good job.

At PHOTOBID we encourage you to get the details clear from the beginning before you accept a job. That way everyone will be satisfied. We encourage you to use a contract. There are many templates available online, but here is one such that is provided by SLR lounge  If you are in doubt, consult a lawyer.

In many cases, the reason a client is using PhotoBid is because they couldn’t shoot locally and they couldn’t find a suitable stock image. That gives you an advantage, but the truth is that unless you communicate well, you will not win a job!

We encourage you to set up Zoom meetings and talk face to face!

Here are a few things you can cover during your negotiations:

Exact location. Make sure you know exactly where to go to get the shot a client wants. Ask for GPS co-ordinates if needed.

Angles. Be clear about what the client wants. High, low, aerial, long shot, wide-angle etc…

Foreground, middle-ground and background.

Colors. Often a shoot is required for a specific purpose and requires specific colours required. Be sure to clarify those with your client. 

Subjects; what/who should they be and what should they look like? Are you going to have to pay for talent? Add the cost of this to your bid. ModelMayhem can be a good place to source local talent.

Preparation;  How people need to look, be dressed, wear makeup etc.Don’t forget the cost of props and makeup artists to your bid.

Pricing can be difficult. has built some good guidelines here. They also provide this simple infographic.

How to price your photography

Time of day. Does the client require specific shadows?

Discuss things NOT to do. As the clients straight. What do you NOT want. That will make your job much easier.

Depth of field required. Don’t assume what a client wants. You may be a creative genius, but you cannot read a client’s mind.

Final Megapixels and resolution to be delivered.

Expected gear to be used including cameras and lenses.

Noise; Acceptable levels of digital noise etc.

Post-processing; How much post processing is expected.

Time frame for delivery (be aware of the buyer’s time location).

Licenses.What licensing will the buyer require? Pixpa, explains the options here.

We are sure that there are many others.( If you have things to add to this, please write to us here at PhotoBid.)

The more detail you can get from your buyer  the better. The clearer you are,  the better the job will be.

There is an old adage “Mismatched expectations are the mother of all conflict!” We encourage you to make expectations very clear from the beginning.